28 July 2011

Animation Notes Collection

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animation and jazz

subtle performance

pick what we want in animation







Give it some thought. Here are some exercise ideas you can try if you really want to improve those basic skills:

  • Bounce a ball up and down. Don't worry about moving it across the screen, or rotating it naturally, or interacting with obstacles. Just try a simple up-and-down bounce. It's more complicated than you might think. (see tip #3 in this article for more detail on a bouncing ball)
  • Buy a magazine. Any magazine. On almost every page you'll find a photograph of a person in a pose, whether it's an advertisement or related to the magazine's featured articles. Pick one and pose your character to match that photograph as closely as possible. Really look at all of the nuances--from the spine to the hips, to the tips of the fingers--that create that pose.
  • Stand your character naturally in one place, resting its weight on its left leg. Then animate the character shifting its weight to the right leg while standing in the same spot.
  • Do the same exercise as above, only this time have the character's feet shift a little as well.

    Try one of these exercises. Do it once. Then do it again, then do it again. Get feedback from your friends, colleagues, family members, or the 11 Second Club community in the Personal Work forum. You'll find that once you come back to the competition, you'll be that much further ahead than everyone else who is still struggling to master the basic skills.

  • 板か何かで足を隠してアニメーションする。

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