18 December 2011

Tips on demoreel

I was browsing PIXAR CANADA website and found some good and new tips for making demoreel. I will keep it my mind.

  • Remember to create a story that sells your skills. Think outside the regular format for your project. Consider two short films or a few vignettes - they don't have to be long.
  • Know the story point and emotional quality of every shot, as well as your character's development through the story.
  • Watch for blank areas in the middle of a face as they reduce the punch of facial animation.
  • Some things are hard to animate. Choose wisely when deciding want to incorporate: E.g, Two characters interacting (fighting, hugging, pulling), weight change (heavy objects, pulling, buoyancy, falling & contact, gravity), emoting, dialogue.
  • Film yourself doing the actions in your project.
  • Use dynamics efficiently and only when it's worthwhile.

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