07 September 2011

Pixar Class Week 1

A brief summary of my first pixar class, oh, it seems like there are a lot of great animators are there :D
  • Rhythm, Timing, Beat
  • Rhythm-----pattern, texturing, timing
  • Learning drawing is vital!
  • Anticipation------every movement in animation should have
  • Arc-----every single thing in body should have
  • No overshoot, no energy
  • exaggerate first and then pull it back until it's fit with animation(Don't be afraid of exaggerating too much)
  • focus on PRINCIPLES-----staging, posing, anticipation (mainly missed)
  • Rhythm, Timing, Spacing-----nail them down FIRST
  • They never seen good timing and spacing for Jump assignment
  • contact frame-----right before and after the energy applies, foot touches the ground, stretch legs
  • look for contact poses-----key
  • video reference-----cool motion, we could get the acting that people can't think of consciously
  • video-reference-----push things more, search what makes animation unique
  • show 5 times before dailies
  • be careful the gap between keys-----graph editor
  • Smooth out until the keys faded out-----I don't know which frame is the keys, ease-in and ease-out

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