06 September 2011

a summary of animation tutorial by Jacob Patrick

  • What is animation? -----Animation is all about bringing a life to the scen
  • Characters need to look believable
  • Take note!!----take note from your teachers, senior animators and friends. write them down spefically, frame number etc...
  • Use Video Reference!!
  • 80/20 rule----80% of the whole work finishes by 20% of the time and the last 20% of the work takes 80% of the time.
  • Look direction----not only eyes but also the brows changes the shape to indicate where the audience is supposed to look.
  • Order of event-----ex) eyes go first and then brows go up and heard turns...need to be specific before go into computer
  • Mouth arc-----mouth also draw arc when we are at polishing stage we need to look carefully all those stuff
  • Holding one pose-----Do not change each pose until the character need to change it with reason
  • When to blink-----do not have the character blink at random, characters do blink with reasons
  • Act it out-----step away from the computer
  • Use your SHOULDER ------most of the time, characters move their shoulder than we are thinking
  • How much anticipate-----big movement need to have big anticipation (equal with the movement itself)

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