09 September 2011

Plan Plan Plan out!!

I used not to take so much time on planning before...just only because I could not stop myself from "I WANNA ANIMATE!! LET ME USE COMPUTER!! YEAH!!" feeling. but this time, I spent SO MUCH time on planning. I did everything that I had learned as planning like, thumbnail, video reference from the internet and shooting a reference by myself. I spent almost whole 2 days without actually animating (oh wait, planning is actually the most important part of animation...). and turned out my blocking is much better than I usually have at that point. I planned out until

I know how he acts throughout the shot. I know every key pose. I know how the timing should look like.

so what I gotta do rest at that point is just to execute what I have planned. Another my personal tip from this experimental blocking is that

I can chunk them into some big pieces so that I can go into the shot more carefully and specifically.

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