14 September 2011

Pixar Class Week 2

  • Not showing anticipation-----feel like some other force applied to
  • accelerate until foot leaves
  • after contact frame-----spacing is getting more small
  • need show very obvious contact frame!!
  • it is difficult to stay at the same place when the torso moves so much spaces-----step forward
  • contact frame is STRAIGHT
  • at least 3 frames are required to let audience see what it going on the screen
  • heavy ball takes a lot more frames to stop-----root is the heaviest part of the body(ball)
  • every frame should be able to tell a story-----posing is very important
Polish Checklist
  1. Show People
  2. Pose++
  3. (Drag) Loosen Body
  4. PBJ-----Physics Believable Jiggly
  5. Intersection
  6. Arcs&Spacing-----trace root, nose, wrists, elbows, feet and knees
  7. Show People!!
  • Trace nose-----can see what causes weird movement going on the torso
  • Jiggling-----(ex, 4frames-6frames-8frames start move around with 4 frames)
  • SEE contact poses!! not only feet but hands, contact pose is straight!
  • Neck-----massage overall shape of the torso

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