07 August 2011

Bad Acting Speed

Acting speed depends on the character's emotion, in the certain circumstance. I kind of liked this acting, when he reacts what he saw on the dish. He goes like..frozen. I used to like this contrast and pose BUT, what do you think he's seeing inside that? He moves super quick and frozen...umm I was actually thinking inside that was something he does't like but look at his face!!

He is more like SCARED!!...it actually more looks like someone pointing a gun to him...and I was like"what the hell is this crap pose, and timing?"

There's no great pose without any definition of circumstance, character and situation. I will change this pose and timing and will pose it later how this pose changes.

I remember what Pixar animator said, exaggeration is not big pose but -ER pose!! I need to change this pose more "ew I don't wanna eat this"er pose. and Tom also told me, acting speed depends on the emotion, if he is happy, he might move slowly and if he is surprised, he might move quickly (OF COURSE, the kind of happiness also need to be considered!! like... WHY he is happy? What is he surprised at?, which means he can move very very slow, even if he surprised) ...see? Depends!!

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