06 August 2011

Sulley's Take

Sulley's Take animation test, I animated this test by referencing in Sulley's take from Monsters, Inc. When he noticed someone's behind him and was trying to see what it is. This is really really great example for me because this is exactly what I was trying to get, variety of timing.

One of the things that I learned from this test was, great timing is not perfect. What I meant was the beauty of imperfection, look at when he is trying to see by turning his head to left, I can see his thought like (No!! not this way, something is the other way!!) . So he made made mistake, he was supposed to turn his head to right at the first place. So this is NOT perfect (or I should say the most practical) acting, BUT this is natural!! Imperfection is really natural and that what brings life to the characters. No one is perfect in real life.

From timing point of view, it is like we are playing some music instrument and suddenly stops, makes a mistake or change the beat...not perfect...but if this is a jazz improvising, how cool is it to do something like that?

I set the bar for myself, this quality of timing is the bar...no animation coming from myself anymore with boring timing. By the way, I think this way to test was really good for me. I didn't just rotoscope all the frames, instead, I had drawn all the key poses from the original clip, then I put them in the computer. From that point, I didn't watch the original clip so much. I just made animation by myself, created timing. I watched the original just only when I wanted to see some more breakdowns, (not only to copy from it but to study how to have the character move properly). Funny thing is though, my timing turned out faster than the original, but looks to work well, I think I was using different rig and this guy is not as heavy as Sulley for sure that's why he is supposed to move faster than Sulley and works well.

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