05 August 2011

I wanna be like you~♪

I like making an icon as like milestone by myself once in a while to keep my mind fresh and inspired. This AWESOME summer semester that I spent with great artists was going to finish next daily on coming Monday, and I myself has been animating for almost an year since I came here (because I didnt have a computer in the last summer semester and I could not animate anything).

I clearly remember the talk with Sean about King Louie scene in the class taught by Tom, which was for me the first time to study animation and it was a start of everything. Now, surprisingly and fortunately, I'm making an animated short film with Sean and instructed by Tom.

I feel I'm so fortunate and can't wait to animate!!! next semester, I'm sure its going to be super super awesome!! but at the same time, I know I had been spending really hard time by looking back my life struggling with animation. Sometimes, I even didnt want to open a computer, watch animation.

However, anyway, it's like it's been passed half way until graduation and my skill actually got way to better than I expected (which doesn't mean I'm satisfied with it at all now though).

I dont really like writing stuff like that and not good at it at all so...but one thing I'm sure by considering all the difficulties, the nights that I cannot sleep and the moments I was freaking out and crying like crazy....still love animation.

That what brought me here, and want to say thank you my dad, mom, my family and friends.

I might be going have more freaking out moments but will try to be passionate.

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