07 August 2011

Hold me tight!

I have been studying timing and spacing theses days especially, and one thing I notice that "HOLD" is really important to make contrast in timing (which is not something "WOW NEW INVENTION!!GENIUS!!" tutorial just a basic principal but Sean just told me we need to go back to basic once we learned everything)

Here's my clips from my animation test...

I think it's fairly OK...for me, looked slightly same rhythm, beat..pon,pon,pon...something like that. I wanted more contrast, something that BREAKS my good boy timing. So far, the timing is like that.
the last timing was not same as other two poses but still same for me, I wanted more clear contrast, Having said that, I still liked the transition timing, one pose to another. So what i did was to change the "HOLD" timing, not "TRANSITION" timing.

Now the timing for looks more like...this!
I liked that, and I will go with this timing. Yes, one thing I noticed from this was, when we need to change the timing, we have to think two different timing. "HOLD"and"TRANSITION"timings.
When we have two poses like this, we have to think the timing. We have to think timing carefully because timing and spacing is everything in animation. I used to only have one question before...

How long does it take one pose to another?
but sometimes it's really difficult to put variety of timing in animation because the character's action needs to be physically correct, otherwise we are going to lost believability. Audience doesn't believe this character is alive. So what we can change then is...hold!! Here's another question to myself.

How long does it hold until the next movement?
Now I have a lot of different options when I think of timing, and I remember some animators said "HOLD" is really important to show character's thought process. I will need to consider every time. I will hold this idea tight not to forget!!

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