31 July 2011

The 11 Second Club Blog

The 11 Second Club Blog

I didn't know the 11 second club has blog!! I love checking the discussion area...by the way, I thought I still had time for submission for July competition BUT the due seems to be decided by NY official time (something like that) and then found out I ALREADY MISSED!! AHHH...I don't care anyway...cuz I wasn't really in confident to win this time :D

Drawing Script

Drawing Script

COOL!! I've wanted the website like this all the time!! let's draw draw and animate :D


I officially made my first demoreel, (actually I made this specifically for Pixar class) finally I can make my own demoreel page!! and gotta finish one more thing until tomorrow ...concentrate!!

Animation Insiders

Animation Insiders PDF book is much more awesome than I thought...I was reading just a little bit but I found some of them look they have been struggling with moving keys around and the great part is that they actually wrote how they figured out the way to make it work better!!! just awesome

30 July 2011

cMotionTrail.mel - Free Animation Scripts / Plugins Downloads for Maya

cMotionTrail.mel - Free Animation Scripts / Plugins Downloads for Maya

this script is so useful when I want to see arc, easy to see each frame and the most important thing for me is LIGHT!! I have used the editable motion trail in Maya 2012 but it seemed to be little heavy and couldnt find it really useful to use.

Michael Sporn Animation - Splog

Michael Sporn Animation - Splog

I found a lot of good stuff to go over here....they even covered "I wanna be like you" scene from Jungle Book, King Louie

28 July 2011

How to cheat in Maya 2012

How to cheat in Maya 2012

I didnt know they published 2012 version...Im sure they covered animation curve stuff...I dont know if its worth to read yet though



I will check this website later, i havent checked this for a while

Webinar about timing and spacing

Give Meaning to Movement: Timing & Spacing in Animation Explained! Webinar

I will watch this later



Animation Notes Collection

They are my old notes saved in my mailbox



animation and jazz

subtle performance

pick what we want in animation







Give it some thought. Here are some exercise ideas you can try if you really want to improve those basic skills:

  • Bounce a ball up and down. Don't worry about moving it across the screen, or rotating it naturally, or interacting with obstacles. Just try a simple up-and-down bounce. It's more complicated than you might think. (see tip #3 in this article for more detail on a bouncing ball)
  • Buy a magazine. Any magazine. On almost every page you'll find a photograph of a person in a pose, whether it's an advertisement or related to the magazine's featured articles. Pick one and pose your character to match that photograph as closely as possible. Really look at all of the nuances--from the spine to the hips, to the tips of the fingers--that create that pose.
  • Stand your character naturally in one place, resting its weight on its left leg. Then animate the character shifting its weight to the right leg while standing in the same spot.
  • Do the same exercise as above, only this time have the character's feet shift a little as well.

    Try one of these exercises. Do it once. Then do it again, then do it again. Get feedback from your friends, colleagues, family members, or the 11 Second Club community in the Personal Work forum. You'll find that once you come back to the competition, you'll be that much further ahead than everyone else who is still struggling to master the basic skills.

  • 板か何かで足を隠してアニメーションする。

    27 July 2011

    Walks and Runs from Robin Hood

    uhh this is awesome!! I love the arranging the beat they are not animated with just one beat even just a walk cyle...yeah this is absolutely music

    I will animate Robin running and changing his clothing scene in 3D for practice

    ANIMATION INSIDERS ‹ ‹ Squeeze StudioSqueeze Studio

    ANIMATION INSIDERS ‹ ‹ Squeeze StudioSqueeze Studio

    Awesome~!! I need to read this!!

    Animated Antics: 52 Acting Notes for Animators from Ed Hooks

    Animated Antics: 52 Acting Notes for Animators from Ed Hooks

    そういや、今日ショーンからブログ作れと言われた。一応やってるんだけど、ブログやれin Englsihってことですかい?絶対そうだーわーわー。英語やだーらだー。でも英語でやることになるんだろうなー。まいっか。

    25 July 2011


    人生の「行き詰まり」を打破する6つの方法 : earth in us.

    James Baxter

    自分のHDD整理してたら、昔保存してたjames baxterのアニメーションにおけるアクティングについてのドキュメント発見。明日時間あったら読もう。パラパラっと読んだけどかなーりよさそう。で、james baxterのペンシルテストチェックしようと思って、ユーチューブ検索したらノートルダムの鐘のカジモドのやつ見つけたんだけど、これがやばい!!

    VNOG Blog: 3 Speeds

    VNOG Blog: 3 Speeds


    "Something I heard back when I was first learning animation that still really helps me to this day: always try to get three speeds in your shot. Put in slow moves, medium moves, and fast moves. This will help give your shot texture, interest, and emphasis. If you can have different parts of the body moving at different speeds, even better! Take a look at this clip from 101 Dalmatians. This animation is beautiful in many ways, all of which I wont go into here, but pay particular attention to the timing of the actions. Pongo is sleepy, so naturally there are lots of slow movements. But there are also faster moves for emphasis, such as the ear scratch, the collapse at the end where he lets gravity take over, or the high frequency shaking during the stretch. Not only are there three different speeds of animation, but some of these speeds are happening simultaneously. Another example would be to have a character shaking his head as he raises his arms up slowly in anticipation of a gesture. The more variation you can add to your timing, the better. I see a lot of student work where the characters are always moving in a "snappy" fashion. This is fun to watch for a while, but soon the timing becomes boring because there is no contrast. So don't forget to shift gears!!"


    ‪I Wanna Be Like You - The Jungle Book (1967)‬‏ - YouTube


    24 July 2011


    発音ガイド Forvo。世界中のあらゆる言葉をネイティブスピーカーの発音で

    jungle bookのking louieがちゃんとオランウータンだったか調べてたら、ふと、オランウータンって確か英語で違う発音だったなーと思って行きついたサイト。世界の人の色んな言語で色んな言葉が聞けるっぽい。まあ、基本英語だろうけどなかなか役に立ちそうじゃない。あ、ちなみにオランウータンはオラングタンぽいね。全然ちゃうやないかい。

    Animation Memo

    今日やってて気付いたこと。Breakdownを作るときに、カーブを見ながらやるとfavorが良い感じ調節出来そう。今までずっと、key poseと同じようにカーブなんてあんま気にしなかったけど、これはいい。いい気付きですねーこれは。あと、ポーズ自体がカーブ的におかしいとやっぱどんなにいいbreakdown作っても動きがおかしくなる気がする。同じポーズでもその裏のカーブを扱わないとダメだね。




    とにかくぐりぐり描きまくる。 (これに関しては、量が命)



    Animate like licking an ice cream



    23 July 2011



    この前のショートフィルムのミーティングで、ショーンが言ってた。アニメーションで何が大事か!!12 principlesの中のどれいうのかなーって思ってたら、



    Smooth---Disney likeな動き

    Snappy---Blue sky likeな動き